Oriental Rugs

Oriental carpets are more traditional with vintage touch. Oriental design mostly features floral motifs or geometrical motifs. Oriental rugs are nothing but Persian carpets, Chinese carpets and Tibetan Carpets. Browse through our oriental rugs collection and choose the most suitable one that gives the royal look in a traditional or contemporary way.

Oriental rugs are both handmade or machine made which are available in our e-rug collections. Complete your interior either traditionally or contemporarily with an antique look with our wide range of oriental rugs collection. Antique has always a precious value and is value for money as well.

Oriental rugs fall in the category “Heavy Textiles”. These are heavy weight rugs perfect for the floors. Feel the warmth and comfort under your foot with these luxuriously thick rugs. These are thick rugs with a beautiful colour combination that are simple and elegant. Oriental rugs are beautiful addition to your home that never fails to impress.