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If you wish to sleep peacefully through the night and come to life relaxed and fresh, your selection of pillow is very important. Like most, we probably care about the products that we bring into our website. You care about the product you take to your home and how they can potentially affect your health. When it involves in home bedding, the matter of the type of pillow you choose can play a big role in not just the quality of your sleep, but also your overall health. Depending upon the state of your neck, spine and back you will require a specific amount of support from your pillow, you’ll even have your own preferences for the pillow filling; synthetic (hollowfibre) or natural (feather or down), or perhaps something more unusual like memory foam, latex, cotton or water.

Natural pillows are available in three options: feather, down or a combination of the two. They come from ducks and geese from cold climates. Feather pillows provide firm support, whereas down pillows are softer and lighter. These pillows will typically mold to the shape of your head and provide good, long-lasting and comfortable support. Home Linen Store carries a large selection of natural and organic pillows to outfit your bedroom. Always covered in organic cotton, we offer many different pillows fills such as organic cotton, wool, natural latex, organic buckwheat, organic millet, and kapok. Take look at our natural pillow category to choose your type and style.

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