Eyelet Curtains

Grace your home with new elegance with the most colorful selection of door curtains and window curtains. Eyelet curtains or Ring top curtains are a modern curtain heading to be used with curtain poles. Our eyelet curtains lend a contemporary feel to any window dressing. We stock all the latest Eyelet Curtain designs at the lowest prices. Currently, the most popular designs are embroidered faux silk and chenille designs and we have a great selection of these designs in our range. We additionally stock a good sort of individual designer eyelet curtains that are modern and readymade. Eyelet curtains are easily identified by circular holes in the header of the curtain that is designed to allow your curtains to smoothly open and close. There has been a recent increase in popularity for this style over recent years, hence why there are now more styles of eyelet curtains and eyelet curtain poles than ever before.

Choose our plain curtains with an opulent finish and featuring a geometric pattern or wave pattern along with the eyelet heading gives them a more contemporary look with large, even folds used in the bedroom or living room gives a perfect touch and feel. Love your window with our lined eyelet curtains with a watercolor-effect print reminiscent of trees, flowers or geometric design made perfectly for design or printed curtains. Are you a vintage lover? Here we have a fun and funky retro design with your attractive red or brown color curtains or a floral design or add a half and half color combination to attract more. The lining to the curtains adds the perfect finish, improving the drape and enhancing the vibrancy of the curtain