Morroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs symbolise elegance yet they are best suitable for a modern décor. Moroccan carpets originated from Moroccan tribal region. Berber rugs which are also a Moroccan rug originated from Beni Ourain region. We have best collections of Moroccan rugs inspired from nature like highlands and mountains.

Moroccan rugs are heavy weight rugs more suitable for cold weather to give the warmth underfoot. These are made from thick piles that are luxuriously soft and makes you feel cosy. These are the best vintage rugs to go for without hurting your wallets. Go for these Berber rugs if you are an antique lover without compromising the modern décor.

Moroccan rugs go well with any floor and better go for sleek furniture for the best look. Beautifully designed rugs that brings elegance to your home yet never fails to impress. Surf through our collection of traditional and modern Moroccan rugs and choose the best one that goes well with your interior.