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We've created a collection of duvets and pillows that go into bedding are specially woven to ensure that they feel fantastic on the skin, whether you love 100% very finest down, Home Linen Store down duvets provide you with an unparalleled sleeping experience.

In nature, very few substances have the same insulating qualities as down, making it the perfect choice for both warm and cold climates. We have down that is taken from mature white ducks, resulting in large, lightweight and resilient down clusters. We have a loft of 600, white duck down is superior to many grades of goose down. Our duvet and pillow collection is both comfortable and hypo allergic.

Our mature geese are meticulously hand sorted to obtain the largest clusters with the highest densities and cling factor possible. While this down tests out at 800 lofts, its eider-like properties give it the equivalent insulating power of 900 points.

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